Standard LED Lighting 

  • Up to 36 fixtures can be powered by a single plug
  • Amazing efficiency and easy installation
  • up to 73,000 hour operating lifespan and a 5 year warranty

Additional Components:

  • Power cable, flush mount kit, and suspension kit 


Heliospectra LX60 LED Grow Light 

  • Fully programmable and built-in controls allow growers to customize the light spectrum for a variety of lighting plans.
  • Promotes healthy growth, limits crop time, and integrates a finishing light schedule.
  • Maximum lighting control, Control the wavelenghts beng projected and their intensity.
  • Features a WiFi card, microprocessor, and an open API for easy integration into existing systems.
  • Lower operating costs and maximum energy savings.
  • Versatile master/follower networking 
  • Create even the most specific lighting strategy for any need.
  • Operates at a low temperature that reduces required cooling,
  • Compact units...weighs 17 pounds.


  • Ideal for greenhouse crop production
  • LX602C features four wavebands of 450nm, 660nm, 735nm, and 5,7000K white
  • LX602G features three wavebands of 450nm, 660nm, and 5,7000K white.


HID Lamps

  • These energy efficient fixtures feature a high light output with low energy consumption.
  • Designed to withstand damp, corrosive environments, and to promote healthy plant growth.
  • Extruded aluminum housing and aluminum reflector.
  • Save over 30% on energy usage compared to magnetic ballasts.
  • Constant output of power.
  • Metal Halide/High Pressure Sodium convertible.
  • 120/240V


  • Returns are subject to at least a 30% restocking fee, plus any manufacturer's fees.

LED Lighting