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Cold Frame and High Tunnel Kits / Installed

Country Strong Greenhouses, LLC provides all of the components that are necessary to assemble on your own, or have us come out and assemble it for you.  We use 14 gauge 1.315"- 2 3/8" cold-rolled galvanized steel depending on the size of the house chosen.  Single layer, polyethylene film with inflation fans. Exterior light deprivation kits, Shade curtains, and poly-carbonate end walls are available for year-round growing.  Whether you are germinating seeds to place plants around the city, or growing vegetables year round, our cold frames and high tunnels are built to perform. Wet walls, circulation fans, optional roll up sides and heaters are available to control your humidity and temperatures in any climate.  

Available Widths: 14',16', 20', 24', 30', 35'

Available Lengths: any length

Polyethylene Film: Our polyethylene film lasts 1-4 years. They come in clear, white, UV, or thermal. We also have a 10 mil, woven film that comes in clear or black. Wiggle wire and base are available as well.

Environmental Curtains: Our variety of environmental curtains will assist with energy savings, solar reflection, light diffusion, climate control, and weather protection. We also have blackout curtains and knitted shade cloths.

Insect Screens: Our insect/thrip screens come with a 5 year warranty if used in a greenhouse, or a 3 year warranty if used outdoors. These screens reduce the number of insects that try to migrate into your crops without hampering ventilation. The screen must be cleaned with water periodically for the longevity and functionality of the screen.

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