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Country Strong Greenhouses, LLC sells galvanized steel framed greenhouse systems ideal for educational uses. Our systems are in place at several campuses across the country, and considered the new standard for educational facilities. We offer the absolute best in poly-carbonate, acrylic, and glass panel systems. We are your one stop shop for everything greenhouse and building related. We also erect a variety of other greenhouse systems. Our trained crews can erect your building, saving your school district thousands of dollars and endless potential headaches. 

 Our durable frame systems are state of the art, and all come with 10 year warranties on the frames and poly-carbonate. Our galvanized steel frame systems are specifically designed to excel in all environments, including direct saltwater exposed scenarios. All of our frames are designed to meet and exceed all applicable snow and wind loads for year-round operations. 

Our Panel Systems

 We supply a wide variety of panel systems based on the building design and clients preferences. Our most popular is our hail proof poly-carbonates. These panels are deemed unbreakable by the manufacturer, and guaranteed hail proof! Our warranties cover loss of light, yellowing, and hail damage for 10 years, non-prorated. Guaranteed not to yellow, weaken, crack, or break, this type of poly-carbonate is the future in light panel technology. Available in a few different hues to suit every environment and building function, these panels can offer the widest variety of growing needs and light transmission. 

1. Clear - clear, twin-wall, 8 mm, unbreakable poly-carbonate offers solid weather protection, efficient interior control, and 82% natural light transmission. Single wall, 6 mm, corrugated poly-carbonate offers 82% light transmission, however is not recommended for extreme heat environments with out proper shade and exhaust systems. 

2. Soft White/Diffused - soft white, twin wall poly-carbonate offers 79% light transmission, while restricting visual sight acuity into your                               building. Single wall, 6 mm, hail proof, corrugated poly-carbonate offers 79% natural light transmission while reducing heat penetration as well as visual acuity into your building system. Great for all Climates and security!


3.White Reflective Blackout Our twin wall reflective blackout panel system is ideal for all cannabis and passive solar systems. More energy efficient than a metal solid wall system and at roughly half the cost. 

Acrylic - We do offer acrylic and tempered glass systems. These panels offer more in visual clarity and are typically found more in our sun rooms and custom attached greenhouses. 



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