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  • Solar-powered fan vent that ventilates a home's attic, shed or garage
  • Helps remove hot, moist air faster than a passive vent alone
  • Helps promotes uniform air movement throughout the vented space
  • Helps minimize mold/mildew growth
  • Helps prevent moist wood that can lead to rot and pest infestations
  • Improves your living space by removing the hot, oven-like temperatures in a home's attic
  • Makes a shed or garage into a cooler work environment
  • Improves the air quality in sheds and other work spaces by promoting fresh air movement
  • Prevents tools from rusting in sheds and garages because moist air is being removed
  • Can even be installed on a dog house to prevent heat buildup on those hot summer days
  • Easily installation (install it just like any other roof vent)
  • The fan works whenever the sun shines
  • The vent itself always works as a passive vent 24 hours a day, rain or shine
  • 8" diameter vent with 50.265 sq inch of net free vent area
  • Patent-pending fan mount (made of 0.063" Aluminum 5052-H32)
  • 4 stainless steel clips to mount the panel
  • 17" base flashing allowing for better weatherproofing for leak-proof installation
  • ⅛" mesh screen — pest-free
  • colors: black, brown, white, galvanized, gray

Solar RoofBlaster:
◦ 25 year-rated solar panel (3 Watt)
◦ 50,000 hour-rated fan (15 years at 9 hrs/day)
◦ 80mm/2900 rpm/35.2 cfm two-ball bearing fan


*Come with manufacturer's standard warranty

*All returns incur a 30% CSG,LLC re-stocking fee, a manufacturer's re-stocking fee, and the return shipping fee.