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SL Series Greenhouse has an aluminum frame. It is great for research, retailers, and institutions needing a high-quality structure that will last a very long time. 



- Aluminum structural shapes

- Post: structural I-beam shape

- Trusses: structural T or angles, center line design

- Purlins: angle, channel, or I-beam

- Bracing: roof and sidewall wind X-bracing, gable bracing, and longitudinal truss bracing



- Standard widths: 18, 25, 32, 38, 42, and 50 feet

- Standard lengths: increments of 10 and 12 feet; full length can be multiple of chosen bay size

- Standard sidewall heights: 8, 10, or 12 feet; higher sidewalls available

- Custom widths and lengths are available


Glazing Options:

- Glass (annealed, tempered, or laminated)

- 8mm or 16mm acrylic structured sheet

- 8mm polycarbonate sheet in 4 or 6 foot bar spacing

- 16mm polycarbonate structured sheet

- corrugated polycarbonate

- corrugated metal

- shade cloth


  • Returns are subject to at least a 30% restocking fee, plus any manufacturer's fees.

SL Series Greenhouse Package