30" Coolair MNBF Series Steel Powder Coated Exhaust Fan


1/4 HP/115v/RPM 491/Qty: 1 to 4=$1496.25

1/4 HP/230v/RPM 491/Qty: 1 to 4=$1496.25


1/3 Hp/115v/RPM 531/Qty: 1 to 4=$1496.25

1/3 Hp/230v/RPM 531/Qty: 1 to 4=$1496.25


1/2 Hp/115v/RPM 641/Qty: 1 to 4=$1653.75

1/2 Hp/230v/RPM 641/ Qty: 1 to 4=$1496.25


3/4 Hp/115v/RPM 739/Qty: 1 to 4=$1575

3/4 Hp/230v/RPM 739/Qty: 1 to 4=$1601.25



  • A complete ventilation package that combines MNBF powder coated steel with an all aluminum housing, a heavy gauge galvanized steel wall housing, and PVC coated wireinlet and outlet guards. The all aluminum MAL Series is also available at a higher rate.   


*Discounts on orders of 5 or larger!!


*Because of constantly changing development research, Coolair must reserve the right to change specifications without notice.


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  • Shipping is not included in pricing, and will be calculated one week before the product is due to ship.
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30" Coolair MNBF Series, 2 Speed Exhaust Fan