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2000 Series Ranger Greenhouse has a 14 GA, galvanized steel, rust-free frame. It works as a growing area, educational greenhouse, or retail center. It offers a natural, no nonsense solution for obtaining maximum productivity.


Main Features:

- ROLL-FORM arches

- Can be covered with polyehtylene, shade cloth, or rigid coverings, including 8mm polycarbonate

- Crossbar and upright support can be added for increased load bearance

- Components are shipped pre-punched and cut to length

- ROLL-FORM components nest one into the other, reducing freight costs



- 12 lb live snow load and 85 mph wind gusts, or 30 lb ground snow load and 85 mph wind gusts (with addition of crossbar and upright support) per IBC (International Building Code)



Standard widths: 30 feet

Standard lengths: increments of 10 or 12 feet; full length at multiple of bay width

Standard heights: 4 and 6 feet 


Returns are subject to at least a 30% restocking fee, plus any manufacturer's fees.

2000 Series - Ranger Greenhouse Package