adams gh light dep grow
adams gh light dep grow

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Hemp Cultivation Greenhouses:

  • Automatic Climate Controls

  • Year-Round Operational

  • Snow and Wind Load Designed

  • Air Tight Capable

  • Interior Air Flow

  • Secure and Off-Grid Capable

  • Commercial Building Available

  • Client Confidentiality Guaranteed

  • Transportable Buildings Available

  • Exhaust and Air Intake Systems Included

  • Hemp Cultivation and Cloning 

  • Geo Thermal Air Cycling Systems

  • Stationary / Rolling-Top Bench & Heat Systems

  • Environmental Control Systems

  • Light Shade Systems

Hemp is America's agricultural future. We continually keep up to date with new jurisdictions rules and regulations. Hemp takes a bit more specialty effort to propagate, clone, grow, and harvest. Our building systems have been designed specifically for hemp propagation and cannabis cultivation by our seasoned growers. We have been actively involved supporting growers. Many competitors and other industries are intentionally taking advantage of this new industry, but we stand apart. Our building systems are the same price as they were, and we do not double or triple our pricing structure just because of the words hemp or cannabis unlike many of our competitors. 

 Our buildings and systems, designed for your hemp or cannabis project, are designed for experienced growers. Our proprietorially efficient systems are in use at technical colleges, and countless hemp growing facilities around the nation. Blackout systems, light deprivation systems, irrigation systems, and the latest in supplemental and full light systems are just a few of our specialty areas.